Supreme Plastic Piping System

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  1. Supreme Lifeline CPVC Hot And Cold Water System

    Supreme Lifeline CPVC Hot And Cold Water System is designed employing world’s best Japanese material technology that is considered as the ideal solution of hot and cold water. This is designed for proper and leakage-free water distribution and supply in different industrial applications.
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  2. Supreme Varsha Sprinkler Irrigation System

    The increasing demand for food grains and decreasing availability of water, the use of a sprinkler system has become a need. This has become an efficient tool for irrigation. It is a durable and trusted Supreme Varsha Sprinkler Irrigation System, widely used for spraying water through nozzles.
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  3. Supreme Ultra Manhole

    We are driving manufacturer of an expansive array of Supreme Ultra Manhole, they are fabricated under supervision of specialists group. They are accessible in various sizes and breadths with silicon covering inside. They are made from virgin crude material and are a financially savvy and safe answer for watering system, water supply, industrial application.
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  4. Supreme Column Submersible Pumps Pipes

    Supreme Column For Submersible Pumps Pipes are designed to withstand system loads of water, pump, and pipe weight with the assurance of complete safety. With unique design of square threads, these pipes are ideal to withstand shock and jerk loads.
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  5. Supreme SWR Drainage System

    Supreme SWR Drainage System is one of the efficient drainage systems. This is designed to replace conventional AC and CI drainage systems. It is also designed for fast and efficient removal of waste without any kind of problem such as breakage, leakage, or blockage.
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  6. Supreme Pipes Borewell Pipe

    Supreme SDR Pipes for Borewell Pipe is designed according to BIS standards. They are designed in deep blue color with one male threaded end and other female threaded socket. These threads are V or trapezoid type available with complete protection caps for protecting the threads in transit.
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  7. Supreme Aqua Gold UPVC High Pressure Plumbing System

    Supreme Aqua Gold UPVC High Pressure Plumbing System is a “lead-free” system designed for easy and economical distribution of potable water. This technically superior and durable system is easy to install and remove ideal for all plumbing applications. In addition to this, it is 50% cheaper to the G.I. piping system. This hygienic system is approved by MCGM to ensure to provide reliable and long-term plumbing solutions for different building industry.
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  8. Supreme Gratings for Covering Surface Drains

    Supreme Gratings for Covering Surface Drains are designed to eradicate the problems of handling and installation owing to its light-weight. They are free from rust and abrasion.
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  9. Supreme Indo Green PPR Hot and Cold Water System

    Supreme Indo Green PPR Hot and Cold Water System is one of the ideal plumbing options, used for hot and cold water. It is also used in different applications such as radiator heating, air distributions, etc. With chemical structure of indogreen PP-R, this system ensures balanced mechanical properties with excellent heat resistance.
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  10. Supreme Nu-Drain Fittings And Accessories

    Supreme Nu-Drain Fittings And Accessories are designed for carrying soil and waste to roadside sewers from building drainage and then to disposal point. This is developed to provide the best results without any kind of leakage or defects. It offers multiple advantages over any other traditional drainage product in hospitals, hotels etc. It is used for rainwater collection as well as disposal like rainwater harvesting. I t is a complete solution for sewerage and underground drainage application. In addition to this, it is 100% watertight, free from ingress and hygienic in nature. It is also free from pollution of soil, underground water, etc.
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